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A Russian Soyuz-U booster has staged what is expected to be its final non-Progress mission, with a rousing liftoff from Site 31/6 at Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Within nine minutes, it had successfully inserted Egypt’s second remote-sensing satellite, known as “Egypt Sat-2,” into a circular orbit of 435 x 435 miles (700 x 700 km), inclined 51.6 degrees to the equator.

The vehicle—a direct descendent of Chief Designer Sergei Korolev’s R-7 “Semyorka” (“Little Seven”) intercontinental ballistic missile, developed in the 1950s—roared into the night sky at p.m. Egypt Sat-2 should remain in service for up to 11 years, providing unprecedented visible and multispectral imagery of the territory of Egypt and its environs.

Since then stylish citizens of Cairo have been buzzing about the brand, an online platform that seamlessly connects people in the fashion field.

Their latest endeavour, Slicker Connects, has done exactly what its name implies.

These plaited and woven sandals provided a flexible protective sole and utilized a simple V-shaped strap.The sandal is the simplest form of foot covering, consisting of a sole held to the foot using a configuration of straps.Sandals can be utilitarian and bought from a street vendor in Bombay for a few rupees, or a work of art, designed by Manolo Blahnik and selling for several hundred dollars from a high-end boutique.By two minutes into the flight, the Soyuz-U was already traveling at more than 3,350 mph (5,390 km/h).The payload shroud was discarded shortly thereafter, and, four minutes and 45 seconds after leaving Baikonur, the core stage separated at an altitude of 105 miles (170 km).

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