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Chat with submissive females

Are you ready for a relationship but unable to interact with girls? Communication is the single most important factor when trying to attract a woman. Women are great at picking up subconscious signals – even ones we don’t know we’re sending! Show your confidence by walking with your head tilted slightly up, your back straight, and your shoulders thrown back. It’s okay to occasionally break eye contact, but make sure to do it while she is speaking, not when you are speaking. During a conversation, look into a woman’s left eye. Keep reading and you’ll be surprised to learn just how easy it is to get that beautiful woman to say yes to a date. Inability to make eye contact, on the other hand, indicates submission and fragility.In these surveys, female traits included being excitable, gentle, emotional, submissive, sentimental, understanding, compassionate, sensitive and dependent.Male traits included being dominant, aggressive, tough, assertive, autocratic, analytical, competitive and independent.

Instead, she’s out to change the nature of male friendship. Men don’t demonstrate the strength of their bond by saying, “I consider you an intimate friend,” though that may be enough for women. The act itself is the expression of friendship, just as the salute conveys respect of rank in the military without verbal confirmation that a superior officer is present.

Thankfully, body language is easy to modify and the results are immediate: people will feel more comfortable approaching you and your confidence will go up. Imagine how different this looks than walking with your hands in your pockets and your head down. Crossing your arms and/or legs and leaning forward makes you look unapproachable or shy. The man taking up the most space is interpreted as the alpha male. When speaking with a woman, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and expose your palms. Showing too much emotion makes a woman think that you are not in control of the situation. The left eye is associated with the creative/conceptual side of the brain.

If you have a drink in your hand, don’t hold it in front of your chest (this closes you off); instead, hold the drink down by your side. Instead, let your arms hang by your sides and lean back. If you speak to the right eye, which is associated with the logical side of the brain, she might put up more of a wall when you try to make your move.

At least that’s what Occidental College sociology professor Lisa Wade says in Salon’s latest men-are-doing-it-wrong column.

Wade says American men—specifically white heterosexuals—lack the intimate bonds necessary to lead fulfilling lives.

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