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If you use Facebook, your phone number may not be as private as you think.

A way in which Facebook privacy can be abused has come to light that will shock many users, but that the social network itself seems to consider a deliberate feature.

When I spoke to the Facebook user in question, she was shocked and surprised that I had been able to find her profile simply by entering her mobile phone number.

She confirmed that her privacy settings correctly locked down to such an extent that her phone number should only be accessible to her. Imagine, for instance, if a company knew the telephone numbers of people calling it – they would now be able to determine your name too, and possibly use it for more aggressive marketing.

In her opinion, a privacy setting that says “Only me” attached to her phone number meant it shouldn’t be shared with any of her Facebook friends – and certainly should not accessible by me, as I’m not even one of her online friends. Or picture meeting someone at a party and giving them your phone number – and not realising that you were also potentially sharing your full name and other contact information.

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