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Validating the value

But it’s also important to be mindful of how, where, and when you’re trying to collect customer related data.First, the data you’ll get will differ based on what customers say, and what customers do. Data reliability, cost, and time investment will vary from one test to another.What are the risks and benefits of speaking with customers versus making them do something?Others have discovered savings by using audit results to demonstrate that the size or number of trash compactors or bailers can be reduced as a result of declining waste volumes.Many companies launch a zero waste or waste minimization effort with great fanfare, but over time management and employee focus shifts to other issues.

Interestingly, other companies are choosing not to have their claims publicly validated, but are opting to go through the same process and having their programs audited.

Companies are finding value in the audit itself beyond the well-recognized public relations benefits.

Some of the additional value of a waste diversion audit, as reported to UL Environment auditors, includes: Waste diversion is not just a “good for the planet” activity.

Second, the way customers behave will change based on whether or not you are present during the experiment.

Here’s how you can get around these issues when conducting customer experiments: What customers say and what customers do Start experimenting with techniques that can unearth verbal evidence from customers.

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