Dating wagner ware cast iron

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Laid out around seven large courts, the vast Residenz complex comprises three main sections: the Königsbau, fronting onto Max-Joseph-Platz; the Alte Residenz, facing Residenzstrasse; and the Festsaalbau (Banqueting Hall) overlooking the Hofgarten.The first section of this huge complex to be built was the magnificent Antiquarium, built in 1579 and now part of the excellent Residenz Museum.Given the numerous tourist attractions, museums, and galleries, expect to spend at least a few days exploring Munich's many treasures.For centuries the seat of the Dukes, Electors, and Kings of Bavaria, the Munich Residenz is undoubtedly one of Europe's most spectacular palaces.Collectors arent apt to find many of this old logo.

made various cast iron implements for home use, including many types of hardware.

Their selection of cookware included skillets, muffin pans, roasters, bread molds, waffle irons, kettles, dutch ovens and even miniatures.

These pieces stood the test of time, and are the items most often found by collectors today.

They are good quality but far less expensive than the large logo items like skillets...good condition, great They bear BOTH the name Griswold and Wagner, after Wagner Mfg. of Ohio ended up with the defunct Griswold Manufacturing Company.

Usually the logo without the city of manufacture, ERIE, is a signal that it was not made by Griswold Manufacturing Company and should give you pause for thought.

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