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Words of wisdom: Leave your PDA (public displays of affection) at home!Top Three DOs: DO separate work from personal matters. Separate your personal life from your professional one in order to perform at your best.Establishing clear and consistent guidelines around office dating will help employers avoid the potential problems and complications outlined above.It's inevitable that you may end up falling for a colleague, considering the amount of time you spend at the office together.In many corporate cultures, people work together for many hours a day, often well into the evening.They get to know one another quite intimately, and sometimes become attracted to one another and fall in love.” While workplace relationships work out for some people, they can cause problems for not only the couple involved, but their co-workers and employers..Whether or not you are involved with someone in the work environment, don’t mix business with pleasure. Throughout the early stages of dating in the workplace, couples tend to hide their feelings for one another from colleagues.You figure no one knows, you’ve kept it cool, although on the outside you’re glowing.

Most of you choose to let sleeping cupids lie; some surveys state that 75 percent of businesses do not have an official policy on office dating. The next night, while Jonathan was working behind the bar, his girlfriend's boyfriend (that's a bit awkward sounding, isn't it? When Jane left for a break, Jonathan sat down with the guy and told him everything, ending two relationships at once.

Don’t sleep with anyone who you can fire or who can fire you and don’t flirt at the office—especially with subordinates, and most particularly with lithesome young things fresh into the workplace.

Even if you’re only 25, you’ll never be able to convince a jury you aren’t a dirty old man.

Before you have time to even think about it, everyone is talking about the two of you; welcome to the world of gossip. If you are in a relationship at your workplace, whether you are dating, engaged or married, be sure to abide by your company’s standards and guidelines.

Be up front and honest with your colleagues when you feel like it is the right time. This information should be located in the employee handbook and you should definitely use it as a reference.

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